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Welcome to Mezza Lebanese Kitchen, the culinary creation of two brothers who live and breathe the exotic world of Lebanese cuisine. Mezza is owned and operated by Tony and Peter Nahas. Both have established themselves as entrepreneurs in the quick-service food industry by currently owning and operating several successful food service businesses in Nova Scotia. Tony, an expert chef and construction guru and Peter, a finance and marketing maven have built an incredible brand that shows no signs of slowing.

For over 25 years, their restaurants have provided a fast, healthy, and affordable middle-eastern experience for its customers. Mezza Lebanese Kitchen accommodates dine-in, take-out, delivery, late-night, corporate and party catering in a fast-casual environment.

There are currently 10 locations in Nova Scotia: in the Halifax Shopping Centre, Burnside Business Park, Downtown Halifax, Scotia Square, Clayton Park, Sydney, Upper Tantallon, Lower Sackville, Cole Harbour and the Dalhousie Student Union. Additionally, there is also one location in Dubai.

Mezza’s brand has become recognized as one of the largest and fastest growing Lebanese restaurant chains in Canada, with food, décor and an overall welcoming atmosphere that underlines their brand motto:



Mezza’s mission is to provide a system of high standards, superior customer service and effective cost controls in order to maximize franchise owner profitability. The importance of attention to detail cannot be overemphasized. It is a way of life.

Peter and Tony Nahas


First and foremost, we are a Canadian brand that supports Canadian farmers and producers. Our chicken is grain-fed, contains no steroids, hormones, or preservatives. Our chicken is marinated in house using our secret, generations-old family recipe transforming it into Our Signature! Chicken Shawarma and Chicken Souvlaki. We cook our irresistible Chicken Shawarma on a rotisserie and shave thinly sliced pieces of chicken and use immediately for our wraps, bowls, plates, and poutines. Our mouth-watering Chicken Souvlaki is cubed and skewered then cooked to perfection on a fire-grill. Our Donairs are made of 100% ground beef from Prince Edward Island. They’re spiced using our perfected spice-blend maintaining their authenticity to their roots. We cook them on our rotisserie and the meat is thinly sliced and served hot with tomatoes, onions and sweet Donair sauce. Mezza’s reputation has a lot to do with our focus- or obsession- with freshness. Our produce, when possible is sourced locally and our secret blend of spices are sourced directly from Lebanon to give us the most authentic taste. It is with great pride that we support the local industries and make our own products that are loved by many.

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