Sunday Brunch: Bacon and Egg Gua Bao

Steamed buns make the perfect vehicle for a quick breakfast sandwich. If you keep a stash of frozen buns in your freezer, you’re halfway to a quick and easy fun take on a classic bacon and egg bun. I tend to stock up on these little buns when I’m at the Asian grocery store, just because they’re so convenient. Sometimes I take the time to make a huge batch to steam and freeze, but when I do, I find that most of the buns end up in my tummy, rather than the freezer. I could brunch on these bao all day long: crisp bacon, fluffy scrambled egg, fresh cucumbers, and a touch of sweet and savory hoisin sauce tucked into a fluffy steamed bun. I contemplated going with a sunny side up egg for the runny yolk appeal, but in the end I’m glad I went with the folded over scrambled eggs. They fit inside the buns perfectly, making these guys the perfect package of sweet, savory, crispy, crunchy, and soft.


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